7th Stevia Global Summit 2015,
26th July 2015 New Delhi, India

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Organised by India Stevia Association and Stevia Global Forum

India Stevia Association brought Stevia more closer to farmers, food and beverages companies, health conscious people and diabetic population by organizing its 3rd Stevia Global Summit 2012 India at Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 8th April 2012, the emphasize was given for use of stevia in food and beverages products and to bring more awareness and knowledge development.

This conference prove to be a comprehensive conference on the stevia value chain, with important insights covering stevia applications in the Food & Beverage sector, Stevia Regulatory Issues, Stevia Market Trends, Stevia product launches, Stevia investments and new and innovative developments taking place in cultivation, processing and formulation development. This Conference offer up-to-the-minute updates on the latest developments in Stevia Sector.

Speakers were from Belgium ( European Stevia Association ), Sweden ( BAYN ), USA (GRAS ), Egypt ( Agriculture University ), Malaysia, Peru, Canada and different Indian governmental and industry professional from NMPB, Delhi Pharmacological University, TERI and so on… The conference was well attended by stevia farmers and industry to understand and explore the opportunities in cultivation, processing and usage of stevia in food products.

Mr. Sourabh Agarwal, CEO of India Stevia Association welcome the speakers Mr. Bala Prasad, Chief Executive Officer, National Medicinal Plants Board, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Indis, Dr. AS BAWA, Defence Research and Development Organization, Ministry of Defence, Dr. G N Quazi, Prof. Dr. Jan Geuns, president of EUSTAS, and head of Laboratory of Functional Biology, Leuven University, Belgium, Prof. Dr. S.S Agarwal Professor of Pharmacology & Principal, Delhi Institute of pharmaceutical Science and Research, “DIPSAR’, Mr. Matthew Nelson of Mintel International, USA, Mr. Sanjay Naphade, Vice President Innovations Pepsico India Holdings, Dr. Vibha Dhawan, Executive Director (Planning and Coordination) The Energy and Resources Institute, Former Vice Chancellor, TERI University delegates from different states of India and other delegates which come from various countries around the world. Mr. Agarwal, also welcome all stevia stake holders who came from different part of the world and from India to benefit from this great event.

Mr. Bala Prasad in his inaugural address, declare that NMPB has included Stevia in their priority medicinal plant list and emphasize of cultivation of stevia by Indian farmers and assure 20% subsidy to farmers on fulfilling the criteria set by NMPB, which was welcome with joy by the farmers.

As Indian population of over 1.20 Billion is demanding ‘natural’ and 'healthy' options in their Food and Beverage, which is creating tremendous opportunities for Stevia sweeteners to emerge as the leading alternative sweetener among Food and Beverages Industry.

Stevia is wonderful zero calorie natural sweetener originated from Paraguay, which can revolutionize the use of all natural, zero calorie sweetener in Food and Beverage Industry to develop more and more healthier products with quality assurance.

Extending thanks to His Excellency Genaro Vicente Pappalardo, Ambassador of Paraguay in India, who has very tenderly supported the very first conference of Stevia in India in July last year and extended all help from Paraguay in relation to cultivation and processing know how. He also invite Indian enterprise to make investment in Paraguay in the field of stevia cultivation and processing and take benefits of encouraging policy of foreign investment in Paraguay, again in this 2nd Global conference his message was read in his absence ( due to his important foreign travel ) on opportunities of investment and collaboration in Paraguay.

Giving fruits of his efforts the very first JV is signed with NL Stevia of Asuncion, Paraguay and New Delhi base Indian company Stevia Biotech Pvt. Ltd to cooperate in getting into large scale plantation and establishing state of the art stevia processing unit. A stevia farmer and industry meet.

Other key Issue discussed during the summit was Market Trends & Outlook for stevia natural sweetener, Stevia’s Competitiveness & Prospects in India. Stevia Supply Chain Development, Agricultural Practices for Maximum Yields, Health, Safety & Regulatory advances, FDA India, FSSAI position, Importance of Quality , International Standards and Certification, Status & development of extraction & purification technologies, stevia Project Finance, Investment & Funding outlook, Evaluation of Stevia v/s sugar and other High Intensity Sweeteners, Food Application – Formulation Development, Taste & Flavor Modification, Validation of different analytical method.

The first conference on Stevia was organized by India Stevia Association (ISA) on 11th July 2010, at FICCI, New Delhi and moreover the 2nd summit was organised on 27th March 2011 at FICCI,New Delhi has generated lot of interest among the farmers, food and beverages industry, scientist and general public, subsequently Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR, Government of India) has organized another Symposium on the subject on ‘Prospects of Stevia’ on 24th to 25th September, 2010

Largely stevia stake holders, benefit from this opportunity to network with high content planting material suppliers, Farmers, Technologist, Stevia processing companies, Food Ingredients developers. Formulations expert, New and innovative Stevia product developers, contract manufacturers, foreign investors in Stevia Sector, consumer product marketers, government regulatory authorities and who’s who in Stevia Industry. 100+ companies from India and different part of the world attended this conference.
New Delhi India

Stevia Succeeding in
World Sweetener Market

Its Approval, Growth, Processing, Application and Innovation.